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Phoenix Custom Home Remodelers Getting Pilot TV Episode on Hgtv


Austin King and Chris Liles — and their wives and families — will be featured this week on a second pilot episode on HGTV.

King and Liles are partners and principals of Rafterhouse LLC.

The duo remodels and remakes homes in Phoenix’s Arcadia neighborhood.

The pilot airs Wednesday at noon eastern. The show is called “Rafterhouse” after the Arizona company’s name.

“We’re very excited for the airing of our second pilot episode with HGTV as well as the unique re-airing of our 1st pilot episode,” King said. “The second episode follows our company and our families as we renovate a 1950’s Arcadia ranch home for a young family moving in to the neighborhood. It’s been a fun adventure having this brief moment in our lives captured and shared on such a large platform.”

The pair started out flipping foreclosed homes after the last real estate crash. Some of those are were priced as low as $50,000.

But Liles and Kings changed up their business model putting a focus on remodels and makeovers of properties in the Arcadia neighborhood.

Some of those homes are priced into the high six or even seven-digits.

King is a Realtor and Liles is a construction contractor.

The chance to be on HGTV could be game changer in terms of Rafterhouse’s business, the pair said in an interview last year.

The principals involved with shows such as “Fixer Upper,” “Property Brothers,” “Love it or List It” and “Property Virgins” get marketing, endorsement and other business opportunities via their shows and notoriety.


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