Last House Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright up for Sale… And For a Cool $3.25 Million, You Could Own it.


    At over 3,000-square-feet with a pool, luxurious master suite and sight lines as far as the eye can see — the Norman Lykes House is an architectural treasure and one of Phoenix’s most iconic homes.

    The circular home, named for who is was initially designed for, is the last house ever designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. And for a cool $3.25 million, you could own it. The iconic house is going up for sale.

    “There’s such significance to this, and architecturally it’s just an incredible home. The views alone are spectacular.”

    Frank Lloyd Wright only designed 14 circle houses in his lifetime, and the Lykes House is the only one in Arizona.

    “Toward the end of his career, he was really into shapes. This represents all of that. Your circular, your half-moons, your triangles, that alone makes this house unique.”

    It has everything you’d expect to see in a Wright design: a cozy floor plan, lots of natural light, and an organic connection to its surroundings. The house stands at the edge of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve.

    The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation writes of the home:

    The Phoenix home is built into the side of the mountain, offering breathtaking views of the city. Wright designed the home specifically for the rocky, uneven site.
    “When you think of Frank Lloyd Wright, you think of the home and nature all in one,” Luciano said. “It’s kind of a blend of both things.”

    Wright started designing the Lykes House in early 1959, but he died in Phoenix in April of that year. His apprentice, John Rattenbury, saw the project through to completion in 1967.

    According to a news release from the home’s listing, Rattenbury updated the home’s interiors in 1994.

    The home, according to the Wright foundation, was designed with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It now features three bedrooms and a larger master suite.

    “The actual footprint of this home has never been changed, the interior has, the footprint has not.”

    The house has only had two owners: the Lykes and the home’s current owner.

    The home will be listed by the end of January.