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Cruising into the Dwarf Car Museum in Maricopa


Driving the backroads of Maricopa in Pinal County, I saw a trailer with the painted words “Dwarf Car Museum.” How could I pass that up? I immediately headed down West Halfmoon Road and encountered a larger-than-life EXXON sign and an old garage. Inside the garage, I spotted a candy apple red car, chopped and dropped. It was something any hotrodder would be thrilled to showcase. However, this wasn’t just any car. It was a teeny cruiser that had all the bells whistles of a full-sized counterpart – but it just seemed like someone let the air out of it.

Then, Ernie Adams, the originator of the so-called dwarf car, walked up to the pint-sized vehicle. My mind was blown as he effortlessly folded himself into it. Ernie started building these unique cars in the mid 60s. The original dwarf car – Grandpa Dwarf – continues to run today.

A collection of dwarf cruisers and the older race cars can be seen on display at the Dwarf Car Museum, located at 52954 West Halfmoon Road in Maricopa. Tours are free.

Source: http://arizonaoddities.com/2016/09/cruising-into-the-dwarf-car-museum-in-maricopa/