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12 Home Security Gadgets to Keep You Safe at Home


Keeping your home safe when you go outdoors is a big challenge. But not if you have these home security gadgets. They are here to make your home more safe and secure around the clock.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Instantly know who’s knocking at your door with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, this intelligent doorbell uses Wi-Fi to connect to the app to give you a live view of your front door. Equipped with a wide-angle lens, the camera records in HD video so you can stay up to date with anyone (or anything) at your front door.

Cocoon — Smart Home Security
1q-28tkixpzmr956e7jm8yaCocoon is a single device that uses SUBSOUND™ Technology to sense activity throughout your home. There’s no need to set it when you come and go and it learns what’s normal for your home to avoid false alarms. If Cocoon senses something wrong it sends high quality video straight to your smartphone so you can take action and feel safe.

Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock With Keyless Touchpad Security
1io-3w1u-xffot800groysgWith features such as the dual-way security and touchscreen based control system. the Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock will increase your home security like never before. This lock applies the power of circuit technology in order to withstand high-voltage electric shock.

Ring Stick Up Cam Security Camera
11i_b0hyvya2p19w3yoxlwqMonitor your home even while you’re out with the Ring Stick Up Cam Security Camera. Using similar technology in the company’s smart doorbell, this camera is designed to monitor the outside of your home. Equipped with an adjustable mount, the Stick Up Cam comes with night vision capability and an infrared motion sensor to detect any irregularities.

Linus Lock by Yale and Nest
1hswsirl2fa7ambqk_yclpqCombining experience and technology is a rarity in our gadget-filled world but the Linus Lock by Yale and Nest ticks all the boxes. Calling on the 172 years of tried and tested locks and mechanisms developed by Yale, the Linus Lock uses the latest connected home technology of Nest to provide you with the protection and intelligence your modern home requires.

Welcome — Home Security Camera
1p6qie4ekmvn3qckahhmi5qSmart home gadgets are the new way of protecting your indoor life and Welcome by Netatmo is another example of excellence from that sector. It is a revolutionary smart home security camera that has been designed with face recognition technology. The camera will not only provide you remote security monitoring but also alerts you whenever your kids or elderly parents pass in front of the camera.

Annke 4MP Security Cameras-A Sense of Security Anytime Anywhere
1f5pbtosajmhkslunhpimmqThis Annke High-Definition Video Surveillance System will blow your mind with its unique functions that include a 3-year warranty along with rational pricing. With 4-megapixel and crystal-clear night vision cameras, you can keep a vigilant eye on your house to monitor intruders day and night, or to simply record precious moments of your beloved family and lovely pets.

RemoBell Wireless Video Doorbell
1aaheetlwd82ocywpfa7yzaAlways know who’s at the door with the RemoBell wireless video doorbell. Connecting seamlessly with the accompanying app via your home’s Wi-Fi, RemoBell lets you view and interact with anyone that approaches your home. Once a visitor comes to your door, you receive a notification on your smartphone.

Presence by Netatmo — Outdoor Security Camera With People, Car and Animal Detection
1jwr2vi-mfwawmfh19oe2raPrevent break-ins and unnecessary damage on your property by tracking your home constantly with the Presence from Netatmo. This is an outdoor security camera that has been empowered with people, car and animal detection. It will report in real-time if someone is found loitering around your home, a car enters your driveway or if your pet is in the yard.

Riley Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Robot
1437rxippyvyhayp91oc90wRest assured your home is safe while you’re away with the Riley Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Robot. Acting as a set of eyes when you’re out and about, this intelligent robot roams around using its durable tracks and can handle every surface from tile to carpet to grass.

SkyBell — Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
1pw79asdsimdf9bwql5wgswSee who is at your door from anywhere in the world with SkyBell, the Wi-Fivideo doorbell. Upon ringing the bell, a visitor’s image is instantly uploaded to your smartphone with the app, available for both iOS and Android. Using a built-in motion sensor, SkyBell is also awakened by someone arriving at your door but doesn’t ring the doorbell.

Alro Q Plus HD Security Camera
1aehmajictffdpqlqml0n0qKeep an eye on everything with the Arlo Q Plus HD Security Camera. Perfect for keeping your business safe, this powerful camera records in stunning 1080p HD video and is even equipped with night vision to monitor at all hours. The Arlo Q Plus is outfitted with a two-way audio module so you can converse with anyone on the other end of the camera.

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