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15 Easy Last Minute Thanksgiving Décor Ideas


You’re already going to have enough on your plate come Thanksgiving day. Between the turkey and all the fixings, not to mention dessert, the last thing you have time to worry about is decorations. But you don’t need to drop a lot of cash or devote all your time to transforming your place. We’ve scoured the Internet for these 15 DIY decorations that you can whip up the day before. Now that’s something to be thankful for.


1. Chalkboard Pumpkins: Pumpkins are everywhere right now. Grab a real one from your local farmer’s market or opt for a craft pumpkin so you can save it for next year and coat it with chalkboard paint for an instant message board. Write out the evening’s menu or a fun message for a cute conversation piece. Instructions>

burlaprunnermain-706x1024-e14163682429242. No-Sew Burlap Runner: After you see how easy it is to whip up this no-sew runner, you’ll never buy a pre-made one again. Transform your table from drab to fab in just one afternoon. Instructions>

silverwareholder3. Thankful Silverware Holder: Give your guests something to think about while they’re busy stuffing their faces. Have everyone write down what they’re thankful for and then read their responses aloud during dessert. Instructions>

img_9586-645x9674. Gold Dipped Feather Garland: Sometimes less is more, and this is no exception. Who would have thought something like a few feathers and gold paint could make such a big statement? Instructions>

ombrepinecone45. Ombre Painted Pinecones: Pull out your paint stash and take plain pinecones up a notch. Never underestimate the power of a little color. Instructions>

dc7b72da9e2ec6e0f85f5a5064636f57-e14163685489826. Gold Leaf Place Cards: This project actually requires you to go outside and take a walk. That’s our kind of DIY! Instructions>

thanksgiving-turkey-napkin-folding-tutorial-header-e14163692317077. Turkey Napkin Fold: Something as ordinary as napkin can make all the difference when it’s folded in a fun way. It’s so simple, a kid could do it. Now that we mention it… Instructions>

c3bc759aa7f5a7fa4a7f6782507d6833-e14163693929928. Thankful Garland: This one is so good, you’ll want to keep it up all year long! Thankfully, it’s so easy, you can whip up new ones for every holiday. Instructions>

b06df14fa113d164c50c281e605ede10-e14163694819579. Leftovers Station: Set up a cute leftovers station before the big meal and make sure no one goes home with an empty hand (or belly). Instructions>

enhanced-buzz-23318-1383328966-5-e141636971933910. Gilded Mini Pumpkins: Gold spray paint wins again. Instructions>

f5d02190fb036c4aa32be1bdbdfb2bee-e141636994832211. Rosemary Wreath Place Cards: Dress up your table and get the whole room smelling delicious before the food is even ready. The best part? Since these are meant to be rustic, there’s no way to mess them up. Instructions>

give-thanks-printable-3-e141637012530512. Printable Utensil Holder: This printable also comes with a matching poster. Leave these festive holders as-is or embellish away with lace, burlap or glitter. Instructions>

img_706013. Gourd Vases: Are your guests arriving in just a few hours and you totally forgot to put together a centerpiece? Carve up gorgeous gourd vases with plenty of time to spare. Instructions>

how-to-paint-a-charger-with-chalkboard-paint-e141637063370814. Chalkboard Painted Chargers: Make these painted chargers now, and you’ll be pulling them out all year long. Impromptu dinner party? No problem. Instructions>

grateful-leaf-garland115. Leaf Garland: You probably have everything you need for this easy peasy project right in your backyard. Don’t believe us? Go out and look for yourself. Instructions>



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