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Taylor Morrison Crowdsourcing for Model Home Designs


Scottsdale-based home developer Taylor Morrison is taking to the Web for assistance in designing model homes.

Taylor Morrison (NYSE: TMHC) has launched the myModel Home Project, which allows people to vote on model home features for different model homes starting with three in Texas.

Users can view a selection of design options for the model home and whichever choice receives the majority of votes will be implemented into the model home. Voters can additonally view the progress of the home as it’s built on the site.

Voting on the first three model homes ends this month with voting on the next model homes coming to properties in Dallas and California.

Potential home buyers only will be able to vote on select model homes, said Stormy Rasmussen, national marketing manager at Taylor Morrison. Phoenix model homes could be voted on in the future, she said.

The idea has been in the works for a while, Rasmussen said, but this year Taylor Morrison decided to go ahead with the project. The voting project had to be implemented into its site from the ground up.

Once voting ends and the model homes are built, voters will be able to see if the designs they voted on were added to the final project in the fall, Rasmussen said.

The project gives Taylor Morrison an idea as to what the customer likes, Rasmussen said. Designers are getting more concrete ideas, from the voting, as to what people like in their homes and what design choices work best, she said.

“We thought it was a unique idea,” Rasmussen said.

Voters can also enroll in a survey that allows Taylor Morrison to gather more data from potential home buyers.

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